Why Pre-Qualification is Important

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It's important to see a mortgage loan pro first, even if you haven't decided the sort of home to search for. Why? Perhaps it's hard to understand the ways in which we can help even before you begin to negotiate.


When we pre-qualify you, we help you determine the amount in mortgage payments you can afford, and the loan amount you can qualify for. This process outlines your financial situation - your debts, income, employment, and cash available for down payment, among other things. It is a short, thorough process with minimal risks for papercuts.

Once you are considered eligible, we document our confidence in your potential to qualify for a loan by awarding you a Pre-Qualification Letter (also known as a "pre-qual").

Buying Power

Various beneifits open to you after you've found your next house, and have achieved pre-qualification power. First, it helps you know the amount that you're able to offer. Even more important to the seller of the house, your pre-qualification gives them certainty - as if you'd entered their home with a suitcase of cash to back up the offer! They won't have to be concerned they have been wasting their time if you don't have the ability to qualify for a big enough mortgage loan. The seller won't be concerned that he won't be able to count on you to qualify for your mortgage in the amount you'll need.Your qualifying for your needed mortgage loan amount won't be something for them to worry about. They have a virtual guarantee to trust your ability to back up your offer.

We help with your pre-qualification

We can help you find out the loan amount you can qualify for and the mortgage payment amount you can afford by helping you pre-qualify. During the process, we determine your capacity to borrow - analyzing your earning status, money available for down payment, existing debt, income, and other areas. We will ask for a minimum amount of paperwork, with a short, basic process.

One on one

While you are able to benefit from our tools to calculate mortgage variables on our site, it's essential to meet with one of our mortgage professional team members. We can work toward your pre-qualification letter. For another thing, we could locate a different mortgage loan option that better fits your needs. Contact us at 410-451-2755 to get your pre-qualification process started.

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